Catch Up Premium

As a school, we have received funding per student each academic year to support our Covid recovery programme. The government intention is that the funding is spent to achieve the goal of “schools getting back on track and teaching a normal curriculum as quickly as possible” following the period of remote learning. We have the flexibility to spend this additional money in a way that best meets individual contexts and circumstances but there is a recognition that disadvantaged and vulnerable groups will have been hardest hit by the disruption to their education. As such, intervention strategies will target these students specifically.

We are accountable for ensuring the money is spent wisely, based on a clear assessment of need and has a demonstrable impact on addressing learning gaps or pastoral concerns. The effectiveness of the use of funds will be scrutinised by the Bourne Education Trust board.

We have produced a plan which documents how we intend to spend the universal catch-up fund, please see link below:

COVID Catch Up Funding Overview

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